Other activities


The Stelsia’s tennis courts lot et garonne

The Stelsia has two exterior tennis courts available for use at the back of the chateau.

Equip yourself with sportwear, a good pair of shoes and a racket and enjoy! 

The courts are open every day.

Multi-sports court

The Stelsia’s multi-sports court lot et garonne

Situated next to the tennis courts, our outdoor multi-sports court can accommodate a basketball or handball match, or a football tournament between friends. 

Beach soccer

The Stelsia’s beach soccer ground lot et garonne

An intense but spectacular sport played the world over, beach soccer’s roots are set in the Brasilien beaches of Rio de Janiero. 

Edged with palm trees and covered with fine sand, the Stelsia’s pitch encourages all sorts of acrobatics and all sorts of fantasies. 

Dive, take control of the ball and shoot a goal to achieve the most beautiful of victories!

Bubble foot

Bubble foot lot et garonne

Discover Bubble Foot, the game that transforms football. Protected by an enormous plastic bubble, try to score goals while avoiding your opponents who will do everything possible to ‘roll’ you over! 

Availability depends on the weather and the state of the ground. Request more information from reception. 


The Stelsia’s Carrousel lot et garonne

Rediscover that wonderful childhood feeling on these magnificent old horses. Our carrousel in the park is enjoyed by both children and adults. 

Open every day. Tickets available from reception.

Bike rental

Bike rental lot et garonne

For children or adults, the Stelsia offers on-road and off-road bike rental.

Use the hiking trails or ride along the banks of the river Lot on the numerous specialised routes that the region provides.