The Park – The Stelsia 4-star Hotel 

Works of art

The Stelsia’s park is spread over 23 hectares (56 acres).

Throughout the park, which is completely enclosed but open to the public, you can find numerous works of art and animal topiaries for which the chateau is renowned.  This park welcomes both children and adults, providing the perfect setting to take a leisurely walk along the main path between the area shaded by secular trees and the lawned prairie where the electric ladybirds mow in silence. Stroll in rhythm with the different seasons and allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised by the gigantic works of art.

“LʼArbre à Souhaits” is certainly the most majestic work in the park (A Cedar of Lebanon struck by lightning and then sculpted by the artist Paco Le Razer).

La Girouette Licorne : (The weather vane unicorn)

La Girouette Licorne (The weather vane unicorn), chateau hotel lot-et-garonne

Andre Aubert, born on 18th January 1961, is passionate about architecture. In love with nature, his proven skills enable him to be himself when working with wood and especially iron. He has always applied his convictions and lived his passion to the full. His most important work, “La Giroutte Lepricorn” was exposed at the Gajac museum and in the Haras in Villeneuve-sur-Lot and in the Sainte-Foy church in Pujols. The artist is more than happy to present and explain his other creations in his workshop in Savignac-sur-Leyze.

Heliophile (Sun-loving)

Héliophile (Sun-loving), chateau hotel lot-et-garonne

This tree has been given a second life as a monumental sculpture symbolising plant regrowth. The wood is still the dominant material because of its height, its central position and its weight. All around, metal rods representing plant stalks open out, bend and wave in the wind. The stalks are topped with glass spheres calling to mind seeds ready to open. They are colourful and light up at night.
Harmony releases itself through the curves in motion, the vegetal forms, the different materials and lighting. The entire structure takes on the form of an energetic germination - in search of light, a gush of life, colours and inventiveness.This dynamic work of art marks the entrance to the park in a strong and original way, while echoing the colours of the chateau.

L’Arbre à Souhaits (The wishing tree)

L'Arbre à Souhaits (The wishing tree), chateau hotel lot-et-garonne

Separated from its branches and its bark, this big cedar presents itself to us in its new life form. Robustly anchored to the ground and soaring up to dizzy heights, we cannot fail to feel its majestic presence.
Sculpted by following its knots, veins and twists, the wood reveals its plant memory. A metallic spiral accompanies it, completing and accentuating the curves like a network of creeping vines spreading around the cedar. The sculpture gains altitude and movement like a whirlwind, a pillar of energy between the ground and the sky.This noble tree, having lived through the ages and myths, diffuses its deepest essence filling the space around us and sublimating our senses.

Capteur (Sensor)

Capteur (Sensor), chateau hotel lot-et-garonne

Here is a mass of cut metal, defined by antennas stretched out like perches. The centre of this work is heavy and opaque: could it be a receptor destined to collect whatever the antennas pick up? Or even a bridge connecting the different sculptures in the park so they can concentrate their energy? Contact between this work of art and its public is made through the eyes. As for the artist, he is simply transmitting ideas for us to use as we wish. 

Forêt (Forest)

Forêt (Forest), chateau hotel lot-et-garonne

A sculpture of happy and positive forms, between explosion and flowering, it becomes an extraordinary blossom.
Sensual and elegant, with curves and reassuring roundness, this work calls upon our buried memories and invites us to contemplate. Placed at the entrance to the property, it opens up the way and guides us to discover the surroundings. Initially showing its side view, it reveals itself progressively as we approach until we are face to face. Revealing a complex set of forms and colours, of fullness and emptiness, which resonate and vibrate in unison. A black circle finally connects it together, like an allusion to our childhood comic books.

Paysage inoxydé (Unoxidised landscape)

Paysage inoxydé (Unoxidised landscape), chateau hotel lot-et-garonne

It’s an abstract theatre, like something out of a pop-up book, composed of maps in which the eye gets lost. Our eye is in turn welcomed, driven, stopped and restarted. It loses itself in these different scenes which overlap, hiding or revealing the landscape that opens up behind it.Made of a sharp raw material, it shows off its depth and softness playing with the different times of day and lights. The lacework and the cracks in this work are as much lines and trajectories that draw an astonishing map in the sky. It’s up to us whether we accept the journey suggested and choose our destination.

La flamme de Lalande (The Lalande Flame)

La Flamme de Lalande (The Lalande Flame), chateau hotel lot-et-garonne

Placed at the centre of the estate, the Flamme de Lalande is a majestic junction point responding to the bold colours of the different areas. An imposing, vertical and dynamic sculpture, it is red like fire and a marker for all our visitors.The image of a rocket about to take off to the confines of the galaxy, promising a marvellous journey filled with dreams and a taste of magic, this work of art welcomes us at the chateau’s entrance.

Habitacles (Cockpit)

Habitacles (Cockpit), chateau hotel lot-et-garonne

Our telephone boxes gathered our news, our hopes and our dreams in their intimate, and yet public, micro-spaces. Witnesses to our humanity, companions during our days and nights, they will soon be forgotten and disappear totally one after another.
Here, the artist enables them to be reborn: transformed into light boxes, they have become enigmatic lamps where the senses are inversed: hearing has given its place to sight; everything that was said and heard is now a distant memory, under the effect of a new visual experience.

Outside this small metre-squared box, half-way between a fish tank and a confessional disguised as a mysterious place, the eye stops at the abstract motifs painted on the opaque background. What is happening inside? What is being whispered in there? Imagine if they could talk? Stacked one on top of the other, running to the stars at nightfall, can they recall all the exchanges that took place inside?

Signal (Signal)

Signal (Signal), chateau hotel lot-et-garonne

Choosing to hand one’s work over to time, by letting the rust settle in. It becomes a parable and throws us back to the tradition of vanity, reminding us that we are only passing through. 
Elie Faure, a great 20th century art historian, said on this subject “All images are images of the world”.   Here, the eye must juggle between what it actually sees and what simply crosses in front of it. It is a continuous alternation between emptiness and fullness, forcing the eye back and forth, while the outlined forms take shape on the ever-present green background. 

Flèche (Arrow)

Flèche (Arrow), chateau hotel lot-et-garonne

Arrows orientate us, help us and guide us. Symbols of dynamism, speed and trajectory, they are even the expression of determination. 

What is this work of art showing us? Which way does it want to take us?  Taking on the form of a big beak fixed on a thin stalk, it cuts through the landscape like a delicately sharp leaf. Oscillating between the lightness of the design and the heaviness of the steel, we are presented here with an original counter-balance. Choose your destination and set off. Let yourself be carried away.

Les Jumelles (The twins)

Les Jumelles (The twins), chateau hotel lot-et-garonne

Two sculptures, dressed completely in red, dress here to mark the entrance to the property and contrast with the naturally ever-present green colour.
Reflecting medieval trade ensigns and the blacksmith’s Bouquets de Saint-Eloi, the artist composes with the past and the present, with tradition and modernity, also paying tribute to this chateau which has boldly and frivolously cheated the eras.Cut out of from 5cm thick steel panels to become lace monuments, they juggle between fullness and emptiness, the recurrent notion of the artist’s work. 

Stellaire (Stellar)

Stellaire (Stellar), chateau hotel lot-et-garonne

Twelve circles for the twelve signs of the zodiac, each one prepared differently. Here, there are nine spheres of chrome steel for the nine planets of our solar system; there, an arrow which indicates the direction of outer space…whereas the work, in its entirety, outlines a cross, a primal symbol on which a large part of occidental iconography is based.Shaded by trees and bordered by a body of water, its position allows this work to breathe and oxidize naturally. It was made from recuperated materials that the artist had left infusing in his workshop beforehand. The will to reuse and transform is a particularly popular method with this artist.


Wildlife, chateau hotel lot-et-garonne

In the bend of a path, a river flows, on which majestic black swans, mallard ducks, frizzy geese and moorhens live and breed….all under the watchful eye of the crowned cranes.

All these birds have taken ownership of the park and walk in complete freedom without fear of being approached.